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Ewa da Cruz is one super cute American Girl
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Hayley Norman, ladies and gentlemen! Isn't she beautiful?
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Jenn Brown is 100% American and 200% beautiful.
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Halle Berry is looking amazing in this pic, don't you agree?
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Geena Davis is by far my favorite American Girl. Who's yours?
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Just a little something about suicide.
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Well, well if it isn't the beautiful Susan Eldrige. She's the hottest American girl, in my opinion... of course.
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Veronica Scott is by far my favorite American Girl and after seeing this pic, she's gonna be your fav too.
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Courtney Hansen ladies and gentlemen!
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Julie Henderson is one of the best American girls. I love her 200%!
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Are you a fan of WWE? You must know Eve Torres then, one of sexiest girl wrestlers.
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glorry to god how much you are beatifull but wonderfull. please honey always takecare ok.
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I don't know her name but I know she's beautiful.
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Eva Marcille - HOT, HOT, HOT!
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Dawn Olivieri is one my favorite actresses!
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